Liberty! What a cherished word and what a strong image it provokes in my mind. They say liberty (that is, freedom) is not free. It always costs something. We will be celebrating the 4th of July soon, Independence Day. I think we refer to it so much as the 4th of […]

Stressed Related

       Ever heard of the word stress? It’s this thing that can either get you motivated to get moving to do something about it or it will be that thing that drives you to hide under the covers and pretend stress won’t find you. Funny thing about stress, everyone has it (well, except […]

God’s Timing

       It’s that time of year. Flowers are blooming, trees are bearing leaves (some are already bearing fruit).        This year we planted an apple tree and a pear tree. We are still learning about plants and the “what’s” and “when’s” of them all. Something we learned this year (as we thought we […]


            Do you know why I like prayer? Let me go around a bit before I answer that question. So many think of prayer as an “I have to” part of being a Christian or, as a last resort to getting something done. We tend to put so much pressure […]

Widows Mite

You ever heard of the “Widow’s Mite” (Luke 21:1-5)? She did what she could with the resources that she had. I know a little widow woman who did not have much left after her husband died of Alzheimer disease. She missed her husband (that she had cared for even through his illness), but she loved […]

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