The Wonder of It All

            Our worship leader, Jim, has had us sing a song that has been rewinding through my mind ever since he introduced it to us. The song is “Revive Us Again”. A catchy tune, but more than that it brings a question to mind. Exactly what does it refer to when it talks about being revived again?

            In Revelation 2:1-7 God was talking to the church in Ephesus. He told them that they had forsaken their first love. When we come to Jesus Christ, asking Him to forgive us of our sins and asking Him to help us live a life worthy of Him (that is, dedicated to Him for His purpose), we became born again (John 3:3). So who does that make our first love to be? Why, Jesus Christ of course!

            Have we become so comfortable with our Christianity that we become blind to the excitement of when we first realized the extent of what God through Christ did for us? Have we lost the wonder of it all?

            In Ravi Zacharias’ book “Recapture the Wonder”, pg. 20, he says:

“Wonder makes life’s enchantment real and knows when and where enchantment must lie. Wonder knows how to read the shadows because it knows the nature of light. Wonder knows that while you cannot look at the light you cannot look at anything else without it.”

What is the “light”? It is Jesus (read John 1:1-14). We may not be able to directly look at the light, but we see and respond to everything through the lens of that “Light”.

            Ravi Zacharias, also in the same book, reminds us of what god through Jesus did (pg. 88-89). It says:

“Right from the beginning we see the generosity of grace. In His covenant with Abraham, God gives Abraham something he never worked for and received merely as a gift. This is dramatized in Genesis 15, as we see Abraham put to sleep and the covenant-making God walking in the midst of the dismembered animals of sacrifice that illustrate the extent and certainty of God’s commitment. What God is actually saying by this ceremony is, ‘May that be done to me which was done to these animals. May I be dismembered if I fail to keep my end of the promise.’ “Yet it is utterly impossible for God not to be. God cannot possibly be dismembered. God eternally exists. That is how sure the promises of God are—His very existence guarantees them.”

Talk about being revived again! Keeping in the forefront of our hearts and minds what was done for us. We can count on ALL of God’s promises and that He is ALWAYS with us should bring back the wonder and excitement of our Christian life. And that is contagious to those around us! Let’s show the world that Jesus makes the difference, that Jesus is LIFE!

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