Dovefreedom        Liberty! What a cherished word and what a strong image it provokes in my mind. They say liberty (that is, freedom) is not free. It always costs something. We will be celebrating the 4th of July soon, Independence Day. I think we refer to it so much as the 4th of July we forget that it is a day to remember the independence that was fought so hard for in our country from an oppressive tyrant. And all the sacrifices that were made to make it all happen. So few people fly the American flag outside their homes anymore. When we fly the flag I remember what it stands for. I may not like everything taking place in America today, but when I look at our flag I see what it stands for, the men and women who gave of themselves to make freedom happen, by the grace of God.

       Let me take it a step further and say freedom is a choice. Moses, an Old Testament hero, placed before the people a choice. A choice to choose life (Deuteronomy 30:15-20). It is so easy to fall into bondage, by not making the choice to fight the good fight (1 Timothy 6:12). Many times we don’t connect the dots to realize that to be really free it starts with the freedom that Jesus Christ has offered us through the forgiveness of sins and the power through the Holy Spirit to live the life of righteousness. Without us taking care of our spiritual need to put Christ first in our life (John 8:36) we will keep making wrong choices and look at things through a “me perspective”. We won’t be looking at doing things God’s way. Things like voting for a candidate who has biblical values. And like caring about what happens to that neighbor God has placed in your path.

       Yes, liberty is a harder road because we have to look beyond ourselves and our wants and comforts. It will cost us something (financially? Maybe. Time? Most likely. Other resources? Perhaps. Our lives? Definitely!). Matthew 16:24-27.

       But if you look at the alternative, it is frightening. To allow bondage to reign in our life is to head to destruction. It may come slowly, but when it hits, it will hit with a vengeance! I would hate to have that happen to anyone. But it is each person’s individual choice.

       I have chosen to follow Christ. For I believe there is freedom in no other. You also can choose that freedom. Whether you are someone reading this that has never heard the way to full freedom in Christ or someone who has become lax in your relationship with Him, you can receive the freedom I talk about.

       First, admit being in charge of yourself is not all it’s cracked up to be. You need a Savior who can come into your life and bring order and purpose. Second, realize that Jesus is the Savior that you need and ask Him to forgive your rebellion in doing things your way instead of His. Thirdly, ask Jesus to help you to live for Him, His way (His Word, the Bible, will be the source to look for direction. When we pray, God does and will speak to us. But remember if it is His leading, He will never contradict His written Word). And fourthly, thank God for everything He has done and will do in your life through your acceptance of His Son, Jesus, making Him the Lord and Savior of your life. Then get into a Bible believing, teaching church that will disciple you (that is, teach you and help you grow in your relationship with Jesus).

       Freedom is not something I take for granted. All around me I see freedoms being taken away. But I cling to the freedom that can never be taken from me, and that is my freedom in Christ. For through Him I am truly free.

Updated: June 23, 2015 — 9:26 pm

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